With the record plummeting, the days of Pellegrini are receiving harder and harder. Coincidentally, Guardiola is the very same, although he just led Bayern won a sport in the league. Bayern senior leaders' unhappiness with Guardiola is happening more often day by day.


Bayern felt betrayed along with the bottom line was dishonored. They could not tolerate Guardiola announcing his subsequent club before leaving this Allianz Arena. Moreover, at that time, there was still the full half of the season along with the Champions League knockout stage hasn't yet officially begun, which made the team's spirits and fighting spirit suffer a great blow. According to the newest game for Fifa 17 Coins , Bayern tends to conclusion the contract with Guardiola ahead of time.


At the same moment, Guardiola has decided to consider David Alaba to Manchester City. The 23-year-old Austrian international has grown into the world's best left-back. Do you think this could happen? By the way, mostfifacoins. com sells the cheapest FIFA 16/17 coins.