TOS Silver in my day time, if you didn’t save your game you lost everything whenever you died. If you put points into the wrong stats, too bad you just lived from it or started over. Warriors got mowed down by spells, healers died with a couple chops by a blade and rogues picked locks and hid inside shadows. Back in my hay-day marvelous items were epic and also legendary items didn’t still exist. Buy Cheap Tree associated with Savior Silver with Rapidly Delivery.


So here in 2016, Tree of Savior by IMC games is much like a breath of outside for video game veterans including me. Imagine if you can take Legend of Zelda along with Final Fantasy from Nintendo, mix them together, update the graphics and help it become available to enjoy online with your friends. Well now you can - and totally free.


Starting out in the smoothness creation screen you can want to start as a Swordsman, Cleric, Archer, or Wizard. Typical RPG fare - but when you gain class levels you are able to advance to different circles of specialization to completely customize your character.


There are so quite a few classes I can’t even list them, but here are some: Ranger, Priest, Highlander, Pyromancer, Hunter, Paladin, Barbarian, Rogue, Monk, Sorcerer, Druid, Alchemist, Canoneer, Templar, Shinobi and more.

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