Shades of Mort'ton is usually a quest in Rs 07 Gold which copes with affliction for the people of Mort'ton whole village. Here is a simple introdutcion from it, you may learn some useful information from that.


To start Shades involving Mort'ton, you have to complete Priest in Peril quest and need 15 herblore, 20 crafting skills. You can take some items like tinderbox, hatchet, armor, weapon, food and druid bag. Then go to the particular southernmost building in Mort'ton to start the quest. The most important thing should be to get sacred oil. You can get it through purchase for the Grand Exchange or ensure it is by yourself. Another task you have to do is to repair the temple to a 100% state.


It is suggested of which repair the temple in the crowded world and use world 88 to watch out for other interested mates. The temple is in the north-east coast of Mort'ton, take the materials: timber beams, limestone bricks and swamp paste to mend the temple. After completing the journey, you can get a few rewards including 3 journey points, 2000 crafting experience, 2000 herblore experience, two hearts of the rocks and two treasure seeker keys.