To further improve nys of the minigame for rs gold, we're running a next and final beta this particular weekend. We've made some substantial changes based on the feedback from the group and we're excited to view how things go this kind of weekend.


One of the biggest changes we've made to Last Man Standing can be a revamp to the game for rs 3 gold potential loot you possibly can receive from loot chests. We've upgraded a large amount of the weapons you can easily receive, making it more likely that you end up with higher tier products.


To go along using this change we have additionally updated the vending shrines to present a larger variety regarding equipment.


We've also lowered the particular defence level you're given to 70 so as to speed up fights a lttle bit. You'll be seeing a lesser number of 0s throughout games, making your battle for your #1 spot much more action-packed.