It is worth noting that don't assume all ability follows these rules. In particular, the constitution abilities generally a longer cooldown time. Basic abilities generate adrenaline, Threshold abilities consume a tiny bit of Rs 07 Gold adrenaline, and Ultimate abilities drain the Adrenaline bar completely. In addition, some weapons possess the actual Special ability attribute, allowing use of a specific special attack with which weapon, designed to somewhat copy the infamous Special Attacks before the EoC system implementation. For the most part they may be unique, but some small courses of weapons share a special attack.


Ability classes are separate of individual skill degrees, it is possible to have an ability that requires an increased skill level but is only Basic, likewise it is possible with an Ultimate ability with a minimal skill requirement.


Abilities labelled “Combo attack” need to be given time to total. If a subsequent ability is utilized while the combo attack continues to be in progress, the combo attack is actually cancelled. Abilities that are the same, for example the Backhand power, Kick and Bash talents will all cooldown concurrently to prevent continued applied of stuns.

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