Reddit is an incredibly interesting place to troll around in. There are threads and stuff like that for every game, but, of course, I tend to frolic inside the somewhat stinky oceans associated with piss on runescape 3 gold. There is a large amount of salt to find there due to the incessant amount of people complaining with this and that. While looking around virtually any reddits on farming Deadman rare metal, I noticed one redditor complaining about everybody else complaining about Deadman setting. It was complain-ception.


He stated that people completely miss the purpose of Deadman mode. And Jagex, being stupid at times, decided to nerf some qualities with the game because of all of the people complaining about them. Like what things, you ask? Well, for starters, folks have been worrying that death is too punishing. Seriously? You head into what's touted to be by far the most hardcore mode of Runescape then you QQ about it being too hard? That, my friends, is idiocy at their finest.