Dye boxes and bundles can be purchased via the Cash Go shopping. Each bundle has a certain range of color, and the dye you obtain is random, within that range. For example, an Unknown Dye Package, or Bundle, has a chance to Blackdesert power leveling give player any color, including rare colors including Black or Silver. A Turquoise Dye Box or Bundle will give you colors ranging between eco-friendly and blue.


To use dye, open your inventory and choose the “Pallet” button in the bottoom right of the windowpane. This will automatically open your pallet storage, and your Pearl Stock. Right click any dye to feature it to the pallet, and open the color menu, default “J”, to apply it on your armor, outfit, mount armor, or vehicle.


In your dye selection, there are several tabs the location where the styles of dye, such as Velian or Olivian, are separated. Additionally, each dye can supply only once, so you will need multiples of an specific color, if you want to dye all of different regions of your current armor, outfit, or other items. When you click with a specific area to dye, it will light up and commence to flash. You can then select the dye you would like to see, and look at the colour, before you apply this. To apply the dye in your items, select the “Dye” button in the bottoom of the window. If you do not have enough dye, your changes will not be applied and you'll ejected from the Absorb dyes menu.