At the cheaprs-gold we're always focused on 3 issues: saving your money, saving your time and protecting your data. Talk with Hassan with Al Kharid, where you require 7 constructed from wool balls, 2 onions, ash, flour, water, red berries, a pink skirt, a piece of clay courts, a copper brick, 3 bottles of popular game for Buy Rs Gold , and probably 50 Runescape Rare metal.


Log in your runescape records to Warrior Castle, talk with Hassan, Warrior Castle located using Al Kharid. He said he required help, and hoped you can discuss with Osman, he will tell you the principle points. Osman was usually on the castle. When you talk possessing Osman, you'll know Lady Keli Noble prince Ali is seized, he said, you need to specify a thought.


Osman think you must stop Lady Keli as well as tie her up, so you can position the prince dressed just like her to flee. If you want to accomplish this plan, it requires a pink dress, a blonde wig, and her skin much like paste. He said his daughter Leela just might help you, she is generally upon the village of Draynor Village, near the Medina.


Leela will tell you where one can get from posing with props. She said you need to get the key to help open the cell entrance, and you must discover ways to stop the safeguards, so he will not stop you to definitely save the prince.