Hope those can help you enjoy the fantastic game for 07 runescape powerleveling game through follow tips that the experience


First one which i remembered to consider a screen shot of had such an unusual bank but thought i would skull in catherby bank but i went about getting a few decent points from his person like the black dhide, power ammy and the magic shortbow


Second kill which will be took a screen picture of was a haphazard level 12 training at lumbridge who thought i would skull so i a single hit him and got a decent amount of loot for an amount 12


Another kill but my partner and i accidentally banked the loot before the screenshot but i know i obtained 3k cash from the bank totalling 70k cash, a few diamond bolts, some rune arrows and also a games necklace. But the addy whole helm, red dhide, bone cbow, runes and the bolts was the main loot from killing your pet


Random guy at slope giants skulled, he managed to be able to draynor before i killed him and i got some stuff which supports me rebuild again


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