Do you think that this football competition is just inside regular game? In fact, not necessarily. Barcelona beat Real Madrid in La Liga this season, won the La Liga title for cheap Fifa 16 Points consecutive years. And after the win, Barcelona team also execute a victory parade. Pique in the parade did not forget irony C Ronaldo, He Imitated the activity that C Luo within the 2014-2015 season after reviewing against Nokamp fans for making them quiet, Pique move also built Messi and Suarez chuckle crazy. We know that Barcelona and Real Madrid in the stadium competition was extremely intense, In fact, they are also various exciting controversy after fits.


After Barcelona won this Spanish title, Pique again with his unique method to declare war on your enemy. In the championship attend. According to "Marca" produced video, Pique was very fired up, he raised his palms, seemed to show many, and then continue for making the under right hand pressure action, exaggerated gestures, his mouth also recited. Many medias directly identified Pique mimic C Lo get together. La Liga fans not necessarily unfamiliar, after goals, C Luo often have got fans in the stands to produce a similar gesture, which is one involving his trademark celebration, It is mean that Let the fans calm down (quiet), C Lo has done many with the Nou Camp the similar action.


"Marca" analysis, Pique move is laughing C Ronaldo. Satire the Portuguese became a member of Real Madrid for countless years won only just one league championship. Pique seems to never forget their rivals in rejoice moment. This time last year, the Triple Crown world-class celebration Barcelona, Pique speech direct satire Chemical Lo, Barcelona's success is as a result of C luo's big house party after losing games. entertainment under the ground also bring us many joy. Anyway, we still want to Barcelona and Real Madrid have the capacity to continue their efforts to bring us one and a single exciting football match.


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