As for new persons, moonwater transformation stones previous time I checked were being 6. 2+ blade & spirit gold on EU, how on earth may a new-comer make which bns gold to update to profane?


I mean everyone recommends to don't upgrade along with continue the yellow mission, but you still need to kill stuff there, and a blue moonwater soulshield as well as blight weapon wont guide there. And if they will it will require you several tries along with deaths and frustration to Black desert Daum Cash accomplish even half of this for 1 moonwater alteration stone, and then what?


Find yourself a clan right? Tell me what kin does free carrying pertaining to low level people, especially bellow level 50 written content? Almost none. Even I am demotivated to perform any bellow 50 content for instance BSH or Nyariu, I only do them cause they are required in dailies, but.... it's just no fun. With the reward they feature, is pretty much absolutely nothing. 


I see people if you have an E. fleet or Bloodshade quest from the dailies, they just keep inquiring in faction when can POH or MM spawn, they don't even health care to enter and eliminate some bosses or support newbies to maybe make it faster? And the only positive thing in Nyariu is the soulshields and since a new person you kinda need that, but who will grant you a 30 minute run using your 400+ AP? I am pretty sure nobody if you do not find a really helpful clan.


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