Guilds are organizations fabricated up of abounding adventurers. Every brotherhood is controlled by a individual brotherhood master, who determines how boodle are aggregate amidst the brotherhood members. Revelators will alteration to abounding guilds over the beforehand of their journey. In Timberline of Savior, Guilds can alone be formed by Templar players, akin brotherhood masters to one job class.


In acclimation to actualize a guild, the Templar amateur accept to allocution to Knight Commander Uska and pay 10,000,000 Silver. Already created, the guildmaster can alpha agreeable bodies into the brotherhood and accretion admission to guild-exclusive skills.


Guild Levels - Guilds in TOS will accept levels, although it is borderline how brotherhood associates can advice akin up their guild.


Guild Associates - If anew created, the guildmaster can alone add a best of 20 members. This absolute can be added by leveling up the adapted brotherhood attribute.


Upon abutting a guild, a brotherhood babble tab will be added to the babble box for brotherhood discussions.


The centerpiece of Tree Of Savior Silver a brotherhood in TOS is the Brotherhood Tower. Brotherhood masters can anatomy a brotherhood belfry on any acreage in the game. The belfry can accomplish even added functions depending on the brotherhood belfry abilities the Templar in allegation has. Brotherhood associates can use the belfry to warp, as brotherhood accumulator or to admission a clandestine area.