This doesn't reflect well on the football federation. No country in the planet has something like this specific, and we don't might like to do it either. The new league may stretch from October in order to March. It will solve the actual prevalent problems regarding preparation and calendar, " he further added. Das also mentioned which they had planned to get the new league underway through the next year itself, when India hosts the actual Fifa 16 Points  However, having said that, they are not your company things. The Indian football governing body had earlier also stated actually hopeful of implementing a single league in the country in two-three years' time. On Wednesday, too, they reiterated looking forward for their initial plan with an even more serious approach.


No benchmark or period of time has been targeted to finish the process. Our initial plan was to perform this by 2017 so that it would go in tandem using the U-17 World Cup. However, we have taken a collective decision on definitely not rushing this. Hence our last date for execution are going to be late 2018, " Das continued. Some enthusiasts have plenty of enhancements in mind that they hope they are seeing in the future "FIFA" upgrade. 


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