Electronic Arts’ upcoming Buy Fut 16 Coins is still a work in progress, and since EA Sports has not been very vocal yet on what the title will eventually give to the public, rumors are definitely bound to happen. So far, the most that gamers can hold on to are the features that are somewhat closer to fruition.

According to Alphr, FIFA 17 is bound to come this year, though no concrete word has been given out by EA Sports. One rumor that has gone around rampantly is that Lionel Messi may no longer be the cover star for the series, which is also partially supported by the fact that his contract for the said collaboration is coming to an end.

Another intriguing bit is the fact that EA Sports could be looking at a new story mode, or at least a more diverse mechanic for such. Some rumors speak of the possibility that it will take on the same approach as that of the NBA 2K franchise, in which the gamers can work hardly for their way to success. To further add to the hype, EA was said to be looking for a Cinematic Designer that will work on a FIFA game, in which a personality for good storytelling is partially a prerequisite, as per International Business Times.