EA have always released their Fifa 17 coins games around September time. We expect that Cheap Fifa Coins stands out as the same. There is no news about the specific release date, or any trailers however. So let’s take a review of what we want to determine in Fifa 17.

Fifa 16 was a good game outside the actual gameplay. There were many features added that have been very entertaining, such as FUT Nfl draft. EA can still improve and bring more quality modes and features for the game. Read below to discover what we want in Fifa 17 coins.

We want bigger in addition to better rewards. At the moment the rewards aren’t fitting for the task. For example, winning division 1 with ultimate team. EA rewards you that has a kit and 15, 000 coins. Really? Winning division 1 takes long spaces of time of gameplay. Surely there is an incentive more fitting. Like a 100k group or 100k coins. This gives players something to figure towards. A real treat for his or her hard work.

But that’s not all. In the FUT draft game mode which was introduced in Fifa 07, rewards could also be better. If EA want people to play Fifa, give them something worthy of playing for. Like the guarantee of a minimum of a 50k pack with regard to winning the FUT draft tournament.

Or even milestone primarily based rewards. When you score your 100th goal or open your 100th pack, maybe you get rewarded with a free pack, a player or possibly some coins. There are loads of techniques Fifa could improve the actual rewards system. It would great for both EA plus the player, you and me!

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