Being the sequel to help monkey madness, it is even more challenging to complete Monkey Mayhem 2 successfully. Dear RS players, do you still have any puzzle over Monkey Madness 2. If it is, RS3gold are glad to lend you a hand with cheap runescape 07 gold to enjoy MM2 adventure. Here are some techniques for your reference.


Before you start MM2, you should make sure you've got enough Rs 07 Gold within your inventory. One the one palm, you need to level up skills in advance: 69 Slayer, 70 Crafting, 55 Thieving, 60 Hunter, 55 Agility. On the other hand, you have to comprehensive quests: Recipe for Disaster - King Awowogei sub-quest; Enlightened Journey - Great Tree balloon route revealed to you; The Eyes of Glouphire; Troll Stronghold; Watchtower.


In chapter 1, the most difficult task might be traveling to Ape Atoll, which is very harmful, not to mention how difficult to acquire items. So traveling through this island, you should always make certain you have food, anti-poisons and emergency teleport.


In chapter 2, you have to adopt a good way to find and kill Kruk who's very difficult to kill. The lair is instanced which means any dropped items will disappear and can't be reclaimed. In order to finish the job smoothly, you should have a pickaxe, high level food, prayer potions, high level protection items and weapon, etc.


In chapter 3, try your best not to be caught by guards, or you will lose the explosives out of the satchels and need to help refill them. And your charges will always be attached to the affected structure. There is a way you are able to consider to avoid acquiring caught - try run over the top guards at corners.


In last chapter, what we have to mention most is that do not bring items we usually are not willing to lose. This is because whenever we are fighting with Glough, we can’t make sure we tend not to leave the chamber via teleportation, death or through this exit at any stage. Once we do that, all progress we have got made is ruined and we need to be back to the first phase.


Monkey Madness 2 deserves each of the efforts and passions all of us put into playing due to the wonderful experience and fantastic rewards - Zenyte diamond and Ballistae. If you are insufficient runescape 2007 money at the moment, RS 3 gold is the best top option to buy with fast delivery in addition to satisfying service. promise: 24/7 online service & safe payment & fast delivery & cheapest price.