A righteous Tree of Savior player often known as Kadreigh on Reddit simply did some marvelous job inside game. He cleaned out precious metal selling character (possibly a bot) together with Chronomancer's Ice Wall ability. This ability pushes the actual enemy back and however, it pushes the gold selling character back in the Highlander Master's location. A clever and entertaining action!


Kadreigh's deed inspired a lot of people on Reddit who read his post. A player mentioned the Quarrel Shooter class also can use Pavise ability to push the bot. Another player suggested that we can maneuver bots to high level maps and let these get killed by mobs. Someone pointed out that bots can walk returning to Tree Of Savior Silver their original spot and yes it won't really work. Anyway, while you can document gold selling bots, you can also try to manipulate them for fun with this game.