So when Jagex does eventually catch a particular of these very minimal stage mule gold seller accounts, they track the IP connection that it’s got along with other players. When they’ve got Rs 07 Gold satisfactory activity they ban the initial gold selling mule and the other person character that traded with them for substantial amount of gp with almost nothing else of value getting given in trade.


What these implies to suit your needs is the fact that your particular character (no matter what level it might be) will likely be permanently banned. To ensure stage 73 persona that you’ve got already been operating on for months will probably be gone and all of the difficult perform together from it. And there isn’t just one point you'll be able to do about this. Jagex won’t hear your appeals when you broke the guidelines. The gold sellers will not likely care simply because they acquired their cash and you also obtained their gold. You’ll be from good luck.


But you might believe you’ll be able to outsmart Jagex and use a mule and shadow runescape accounts from the own. In the event you find yourself undertaking this Jagex won’t quit at only banning your stage 3 mule, they will as mentioned before ban just about every character linked with that you IP address. Because of this not merely do you shed the degree 3, but you may eliminate your stage 43 magician and your level 63 ranger with your degree 93 warrior and so on.

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