I didn't really consider it back then, but now looking back I hated gonna school. Playing video games evolved into my escape, I loved Starcraft a couple of, Diablo, etc. (all the blizzard games). I stole from the mother, I took cash from her wallet and obtained myself these titles because I can not bring myself in order to ask her directly for money because I know she'd say no. 


I know its due to the fact she cares about me and doesn't want me to get addicted into these Black desert Daum Cash games, but I just didnt desire to be afraid every night she went along to work from night and return the next morning. I was afraid, and I was house alone. Watching TV and playing video gaming was like my method of not being alone. I cried constantly and also I missed school lots so I could continue to be home and play. I would play when my mother was not home, and in the middle in the night.


I graduated elementary school and visited a really nice university. Everyone there was great. Before, people told me that i was for sure going to get bullied, but I didnt! I kept missing college though to play Starcraft. I made friends or at the very least I thought. But all I thought was how you can use them when the time came.